Another Innovative Power Floated Roller-Compacted Concrete Project In Basingstoke

Another Innovative Power Floated Roller-Compacted Concrete Project In Basingstoke

August 30, 2018
Our Paving Solutions team have developed an innovative power floating solution for their Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) contracts.

Building on the success of a huge 44,000 tonne industrial estate contract at Warboys, Huntingdon, Cementitious Paving Business Manager, Mat Tranter, reported on another site in Basingstoke for client Veolia and PNR Construction.

The power floated CEM Pave Roller Compacted Concrete is pictured here being laid to create a new facility to serve the local area. Mat said the finish on this surface looks great already.

This new process represents an evolution in RCC pavements and results in an engineered pavement that is fast to lay with the appearance and durability of a conventional concrete surface.

The extremely hard-wearing surface is produced by spraying a specially designed admixture onto the roller- compacted concrete before power floating and curing. This creates a more closed, even surface rather than the more textured appearance of a natural RCC.

The smooth cement paste created during this process offers increase abrasion resistance making it attractive for high stress areas. The admixture used for this scheme was originally sourced externally sourced, but our admixture team developed a CEMEX alternative which is now being used too.

On the Warboys contract Garry Gregory, Director Asphalt and Paving Solutions, CEMEX UK, commented: “This was a great achievement for us – it was the largest area we have laid in the UK with RCC and it was an opportunity for us to use power floating for the first time.

"For the customer, it gives a pavement which combines the strength and durability of concrete with the ease of construction of an asphalt. RCC alone can provide significant cost savings, up to 30% over traditional pavements and now with power floated RCC it offers a significantly harder wearing surface that’s more aesthetically pleasing.”