Cyclist Safety

The safety of Vulnerable Road Users is part of CEMEX's DNA

We have successfully influenced the wider public audience and, more significantly, other transport-related organisations. In doing so, we have become a major influence not only within the industry, but also within authority decision makers, in the adoption of improved cyclist safety around the country. We have to date reached out to more than 7,000 cyclists through our safety education initiatives!


CEMEX Cycle Safety Strategy


CEMEX's 5 pronged strategy involves
  1. Working with experts and industry bodies
  2. Working with cycling groups, pressure groups, local authorities, government and police
  3. Raising awareness about the dangers surrounding large goods vehicles through public events
  4. Enhanced Driver Training and Engagement
  5. Development of Vehicle Specification and Technology
Safe cycling campaign

cyclistsOur safe cycling campaign started over 10 years ago when a haulage contractor’s concrete mixer truck was involved in a fatal accident with a female cyclist.  Her mother (Cynthia Barlow) campaigned for something to be done to eliminate these types of incidents and began working with RMC, now CEMEX, to improve both safety of vehicles and raise awareness of hazards.

Driving large goods vehicles is the activity that leads to the majority of fatalities in our industry.   In addition, approximately 60 percent of all fatalities in the CSI database are related to contractor activities.

With our own logistics fleet travelling some 39 million miles per annum, we feel it is our moral duty to help protect other road users, especially those that are vulnerable.