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All specialist technical support and laboratory testing is undertaken by expert technical personnel at our UKAS accredited National Technical Centre Laboratories.  Our site testing is managed from the same central facility, ideally located to service a wide geography in the field of specialist aggregates, asphalt, concrete, mortar, screed and paving.  Cemex LabExperts benefits from the wider resource and technical expertise of global Cemex.

Our standard and exploratory testing offers the determination of properties of materials, such as shape, size and density as well as the mechanical and chemical characteristics such as strength, resistance to mechanical or chemical action and exposure. Bespoke testing packages are tailored to each customer’s individual needs with many tests UKAS accredited.

In line with our three core objectives of Quality, Reliability and Response, Cemex LabExperts will communicate with you regularly, providing high-quality test reports and service in a pre-agreed time frame. 


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These three objectives set Cemex LabExperts apart in the industry through the ability to deliver a bespoke and consistently high-quality service.

High-quality and availability of test reports providing clear and concise test information.


Consistent standards and reporting based on customer requirements – we will be upfront with turnaround time commitments.


We will develop and agree a bespoke customer experience based on your needs, all client enquiries will be responded to in a timely manner.


Types of Testing Available:

  • Physical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Exploratory testing


  • Plastic property testing
  • Hardened compressive and flexural strength testing
  • Development trials
  • Site testing
  • Site sampling


  • Development trials
  • Hardened compressive and flexural testing
  • Site sampling


  • Laboratory end performance testing
  • Mixture design
  • Mixture development trials
  • Site sampling
  • Site end performance


Depending on your requirements we can either test on-site, or in our National Technical Centre which comprises of 9 specialist testing laboratories.  We may also work with our partner LabExperts laboratory in Paris and depending on the requirement at the time of enquiry, we will provide a turnaround time and commit to meeting it in line with our core promises.

Cemex Specialist Laboratories:

  • Aggregates     
  • Asphalt mix
  • Asphalt end performance
  • Readymix
  • Mortars & screeds
  • Admixtures
  • Hardened concrete
  • Soils


Site Services Offered:

  • Asphalt & Concrete Sampling
  • Specialist Asphalt & Concrete Testing
  • Investigation & Technical Support


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