How much concrete do I need?

Use our ready-mix concrete calculator to determine the concrete volume you need for the job. If you don't know how to calculate the volume of different shapes, you can use the Common Shapes Calculator, which will provide you with the appropriate equations for your needs.

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*Minimum delivery: 1m3 then in increments of 0.5m3


Delivery date and times are a rough estimation and will be subject to availability

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Using our concrete mix calculator

Select the shape required and enter the dimensions to view your results. You can enter multiple shapes into the calculator to receive an overall amount required, in doing so you could scope out the concrete required for multiple parts of a job.  With Cemex being the UK leader in ready-mix concrete solutions, we can offer expert guidance and technical support to ensure the mix you receive is of the highest quality performance and utilises prescribed mix requirements.


Following your submission of the details we will be in touch to help build your quote and discuss any additional needs you may have.

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