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At Cemex, we recognize the importance of ready-mix concrete as a vital component of modern construction. Through leveraging our years of experience, global pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise, we offer tailor-made ready-mix concrete solutions to our customers that meet the unique requirements of today's modern construction challenges.

We continuously improve the properties of ready-mix concrete, focusing on innovation and sustainability to ensure that our customers receive top-of-the-line products and services that help them achieve their construction goals.


Our portfolio includes:

  • Standard ready-mix concrete.
  • Architectural and decorative concrete.
  • Rapid-setting concrete.
  • High-durability concrete
  • Fibre-reinforced concrete.
  • Void-fill concrete.
  • Self-compacting concrete.
  • Pervious concrete.
  • Antibacterial concrete.


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    Concrete Types

    Concrete Specifications

    Concrete Types

    Find out more about concrete specifications from basic GEN0 / ST1 through to FND2s & RC28/35s. We can offer an excellent range of technical specifications to suit your construction requirements.

    Concrete For DIY & Builders

    Ready mixed and ready for anything.

    Readymix Concrete For DIY & Builders

    Discover our wide range of advanced Ready-Mix Concrete for all your home improvements.

    Our solutions are perfect for house extensions, conservatories, shed bases, driveways, foundations, flooring and paving.

    Cemex i-Con

    Cemex i-Con provides wireless, real-time visibility over the strength and temperature of concrete during the curing process, enabling you to make dynamic, smarter, and more accurate decisions.

    How Much Does Concrete Weigh?

    How Much Does Concrete Weigh?

    Ever wondered how much concrete actually weighs? Find out more in our useful guide.

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