Sustainable Products and Solutions

Sustainable Products & Solutions


Committed to Building a Sustainable Future


At CEMEX we lead the development of innovative solutions that seek to contribute to building resilient infrastructure, climate-smart urban development, promoting economic growth, preserving the environment, and improving everyone’s quality of life. 

Life Cycle and Durability


Concrete’s durability and longer life cycle make it the ideal building material for durable and resilient structures. Our technologies provide building solutions that are more resistant to fire, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Thus reducing the need for repairing and rebuilding, which plays a key role in making it a more climate-friendly material.

As part of our Future in Action program we offer products that help our customers reduce the carbon footprint of their construction processes. 

With sustainable attributes such as resilience, thermal efficiency, and recyclability, concrete is a building material essential to construction with no substitutes and the most used man-made material in the world. Concrete is the only building material that absorbs CO2  during its built life. By the process of recarbonation, it absorbs up to 25% of its embodied carbon footprint.

Sustainable Products & Solutions



In 2020 we launched Vertua, our first-ever net-zero CO2  concrete, which is now part of an extensive family of products that includes low carbon cements, concrete, as well as aggregates and admixtures globally available.

Vertua Concrete


A brand with different lines (Classic, Plus and Ultra) that include our first net-zero CO2  concrete: Vertua Ultra, product of an innovation developed by CEMEX's Research and Development department.


  • Reduces the carbon footprint of concrete by up to 70%.
  • Neutralizes the remaining 30% of carbon through offsetting efforts.
  • Generates less heat and fewer cracks.
  • Patented cutting-edge technology and continuous process.



Vertua Concrete CO2 Reduction.

Vertua Cement


Replacing 100 bags of traditional cement with Vertua cement is equivalent to taking 105 cars off the road for one day or planting 21 new trees. This represents a 1.3 ton decrease in CO2  emissions.


  • One of the lowest carbon emissions cements available.
  • Maintains the same quality as other cements.
  • Drives the construction of more and better sustainable projects.






Vertua Cement CO2 Reduction.


Net-Zero CO2 Emissions Concrete Process


Building a better future for our planet requires innovating in concrete, bringing these characteristics into a new era and a low-carbon economy.


To this end we have set the goal of achieving 50% of Vertua cement and ready-mix sales by 2025.

Other Products with Sustainable Attributes

Vertua joins other CEMEX products with sustainable attributes such as:


An ideal solution for energy-efficient buildings with improved insulation.


Permeable concrete that provides resilience to water damage and supports water management.


A high performance, self compacting ready-mix concrete.


A low-carbon asphalt solution.

ReadyBlock Zero

Build lower carbon developments with our complete range of CarbonNeutral® concrete blocks.

By developing and implementing sustainable products and solutions we help our customers accomplish their net-zero targets and carbon obligations, while also helping them meet increasing sustainability requirements. Our 2050 goal to deliver only net-zero CO2  concrete will contribute to the development of climate-smart urban projects, sustainable buildings, and climate resilient infrastructure.