Dry Silo Mortar

Dry Mortar Solutions from Cemex

CEMEX dry silo mortar provides an innovative and efficient solution to mortar delivery, particularly to larger sites. With one of the  largest available tanker fleets in the country, CEMEX can offer a first class replenishment service.

Dry Silo Mortar Solutions

The dedicated CEMEX dry silo team can support with silo placement and specification. There is no need for mixing areas on site as all the material is contained in the silo. The guaranteed colour, consistency and controlled workability are backed up by CEMEX’S excellent training and support.  All our operatives are fully trained, including health and safety advice, meaning that site personnel have complete control over the consistency and workability of every batch.

Dry Silo mortar suits a wide range of applications, including building masonry projects, bedding roof tiles, pointing & patch repairs or simply small builds & DIY projects


Benefits Of Dry Silo Mortar

  • Flexible Usage - A flexible DSM that can be used for a variety of applications
  • Guaranteed Strength - Produced using high quality materials to offer a consistent strength and workability
  • Guaranteed cement content to help ensure durability
  • Consistent colour - to ensure that our dry silo mortar offers a consistent look and feel


More Benefits Of Dry Silo Mortar

  • Controlled air content - The specialist silos help to control the air content to keep the mortar at the right consistency
  • Increased site productivity - Productivity on-site is improved thanks to the ease of access to the mortar
  • Cost Effective - Having silos on-site help to reduce delivery and travel costs
  • Environmentally Friendly - Dry Silo Mortar adheres to a responsible sourcing policy

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Dry Silo Mortar

Dry silo mortar combines all the benefits of factory produced mortar, such as consistent quality and colour, with technology to provide a convenient, highly efficient solution to your mortar requirements. Available in different strengths and colour options, all fully supported by the CEMEX team, dry silo mortar meets your needs.

The table below relates the mix designations, given in the withdrawn BS 4721, to the European description equivalent.

Old Mortar Designation New Designation Nominal Proportions by Volume CompressiveStrength 28 Days
OBS 5628 BS EN998-2 Cement:Sand Cement:Lime:Sand not less than N/mm2
i M12 1:3 1:1:1-3 12.0
ii M6 1:3-4 1:1:4-5 6.0
iii M4 1:5-6 1:1:5-6 4.0
iv M2 1:7-8 1:2:8-9 2.0

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Colourful Mortar Solutions

Where a coloured mortar is specified the control and accuracy of the pigment addition and mixing process ensures consistent dispersion throughout the mix. CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is available in a wide range of colours to meet specific design requirements.

Find out more about the range of coloured mortar we can offer.

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Mortar Manufacture

The dry silo mortar system is manufactured under a 3rd party accredited factory production control system, using the latest technology to provide you with a convenient mortar batching facility, with the following benefits:

  • Manufactured with a high degree of consistency

  • Clean and efficient production with reduced wastage and increased productivity.
  • Reduces manual handling and the risk of injury in production, for improved health and safety.

DSM Durability & Workability

Durability & Resistance

CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is also extremely durable due to the controlled method of manufacture and the type and quality of the constituent materials used. The entrainment of controlled amounts of air makes the mortar less susceptible to frost attack. The admixture used is chloride-free and therefore not aggressive towards embedded metallic objects. Factory produced mortars exhibit superior resistance to rain penetration and therefore make a significant contribution to the durability of masonry.


CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar when blended with water offers excellent workability without an excessive air content, the inclusion of which can weaken the bond and flexural strength.

Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Bank Station Upgrade In London

Case Study

Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Bank Station Upgrade In London

Since late 2016 CEMEX have been supplying Primary Sprayed Concrete to Dragados for the Bank Station Upgrade in London.

The project, which is set to be completed in 2022, sees the expansion of the current Bank Underground station, whilst merging it with Monument Underground station in order to reduce congestion.

Three additional ticket halls will be created, along with six lifts, ten platforms, two 94m travellators and a 570m tunnel.

Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Wembley Park Regeneration

Case Study


Since April 2018, CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar have been supplying several sites at Wembley Stadium as part of the on-going £3 billion regeneration at Wembley Park.

In early 2018, Quintain, the company behind the project, announced plans for a further 250,000 sq. ft of shops, restaurants and bars to be built on the 85-acre site, which will double what has already been constructed.

There will also be 7,000 new homes built, along with offices, a gym, a park, and possibly, a brand-new music venue.

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