Ethics & Compliance

Today, as a global company, CEMEX faces greater challenges than ever before. While our stakeholders demand more than simply good financial results, technology and global awareness have resulted in unprecedented scrutiny of our actions. We are expected to adhere to top-tier standards of corporate behaviour everywhere we operate.

ETHOS, a worldwide CEMEX initiative supported by employees from diverse areas of the company, seeks to embrace these standards and promote actions that will evolve and strengthen our corporate culture.

ETHOS is designed to help our employees integrate ethics and compliance into their daily work. ETHOS offers our employees the following benefit:

  • Guidance on ethics, compliance and governance topics. Access to an array of courses related to ethics and compliance
  • Access to corporate global and local policies
  • Advice and tools to help them manage ethical dilemmas
  • ETHOS Line, a safe and confidential channel to ask questions and report violations related to ethics, compliance, and governance topics
  • Increased awareness of the business and personal implications of misconduct



Our Code of Ethics allows CEMEX to clearly and rapidly communicate its culture and values to our employees. Ethical behaviour is key for CEMEX's success.

Read our Code of Ethics to find relevant aspects of our Ethics and Company Values.