Sustainable Logistics

More information about how Cemex's logistics strategy is helping to reduce our Carbon Emissions .

It is Cemex policy to maximise the usage of rail, river and short sea movements wherever possible. Our proven transport strategy significantly reduces emissions through the use of the lower impact bulk transport methods.

Integrated Logistics

Cemex UK Operations use a single fleet of lorries for the transportation of materials. This is facilitated by our combined  production and reprocessing facilities and the use of specialist equipment in order to ensure cleanliness of lorry bodies. While this sounds an obvious solution Cemex are unique in the sector having successfully used these arrangements on a number of contracts. Rather than a remote function, logistics are fully integrated within the delivery team enabling driving efficiencies for this vital element of each operation.Cemex’s experience shows that through the adoption of this integrated approach, lorry movements required to service highway maintenance operations are reduced by up to 65%.


Cemex take fuel usage and efficiency very seriously, reducing the quantity of fuel used, along with reducing carbon dioxide and other emissions correspondingly. All CEMEX fleet drivers are trained in the Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) scheme and are regularly assessed on their fuel usage and driving style. CEMEX runs a dedicated programme entitled ‘Be CareFUEL’, focussing on all aspects of fuel usage; this has included a general awareness campaign, fuel saving information in the driver handbook, MPG reports by driver, vehicle, type and locations allowing for specific targeting of areas for improvement.

Cemex Logistics has trialled the use of a 50% bio-diesel blend for over 6 months at one site and are currently evaluating the outcomes in order to consider a potential rollout across the business.

Efficient Operations

In efficiently running our operations, Cemex is able to reduce the Company’s impact on the environment by minimising road movements. Cemex constantly focus on planning in order to maximise payload and minimise empty running decreasing the number of overall journeys and the number of km travelled. The efficiency of operation for our Aggregates fleet was recognised by the award of the Motor Transport Efficiency in Operation award for 2007.

Sustainable LogisticsCemex is maximising the use of 24/7 load, through our branded twilight and night shift deliveries. By moving materials at these off-peak hours, we are able to avoid congested roads and traffic queues — reducing vehicular emissions further, whilst at the same time doing our part to  ease the congestion during the day.

Vehicle Specification

Cemex’s own fleet of vehicles are on average under 5 years old and are constantly being replaced in order to ensure the operation of modern clean and fuel efficient  vehicles. Over 20% of the fleet meets Euro IV or higher standards, with the majority of the remaining fleet exceeding Euro III standards.

Rail Freight at Cemex UK – Transport for a Greener Future

Rail freight plays a vital part in ensuring a greener future for the construction industry.

It’s perfect for transporting large amounts of our products across the country, while taking trucks off the road and decreasing supply chain emissions.

We work closely with partners including Network Rail, GB Railfreight, DB Cargo and Victa to ensure our customers receive the right materials for their projects, when and where it is needed.

This short video talks through the rail operation at Cemex UK, the role it plays in our ongoing sustainability strategy, and the future of this transport method.