Are you Getting a Grip?

Are you Getting a Grip?

July 14, 2022
Slips, trips and falls are our most common cause of serious injury. Many occur when people are getting in / out of vehicles or result from tripping and falling on stairs and walkways.

Are you looking out for yourself and others?

Do you maintain 3 points of contact on steps, ladders and stairways?

Do you Step In and remind colleagues to Get a Grip?

During July and August we are asking Managers to Focus on Stairs and Floors.  Here are some safety improvements Managers can make in their working environments:

  • Organise a “hazard spotting” activity on each site, to identify any risk associated with stairs and floor defects and create a NM/HA for each.
  • Identify the first and last steps of stairs (and landings) using yellow paint.
  • Identify any changes in floor levels the same way.
  • Identify any possible / known risks of slipping, tripping or falling.
  • Where appropriate paint/refresh relevant sections of handrails yellow, particularly on stairways, and apply / refresh “Get a Grip” / “hold the handrail” labels as necessary.
  • If you need to order new Get a Grip materials, then this month is the right time to do this as GSB Signs has 50% off a range of Get a Grip stickers during July 2022. To take advantage of this offer simply ring the office (0151 424 7111) or email:, mentioning the “offer of the month” for July.
  • Encourage employees to observe the behaviour of their colleagues and visitors, if needed Step In and perform a Take 5 Together.
  • Include regular checks in your inspection scheme to ensure these standards are maintained.