Fire Service Training at Nottingham Plant

Fire Service Training at Nottingham Plant

July 21, 2022
Kye Willey, Operations Manager, Midlands Operations, was recently contacted by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue to enquire if they could do some training at Nottingham Readymix plant, as this would greatly benefit their crews in training under real life circumstances.

Kye felt this would also be a great opportunity for his team to be involved in, to understand from the fire service what would be expected from ourselves in an emergency situation.

They arranged for the plant to be closed for production on Friday 8th July and Saturday 9th July. A dummy was placed on top of one of the silos. The plant team were instructed to report that the casualty had a suspected broken leg. The fire station Watch Manager, Chris Wile, treated this as a real-life incident so none of his team were aware it was a drill.

On the Saturday the fire service arrived on site and asked the Plant Manager and Relief Plant Manager Jason Colley and Ron Lee, what had happened. The fire service then carried out their rescue.

Kye commented: “This was a very worthwhile exercise, not only for the fire service but for our own team.”

Chis Wile, Watch Manager, also commented: “Kye, I wish to thank yourself your team, and CEMEX, for your cooperation with allowing my team to use your location. The exercise we carried out with the equipment we used was a first for us, so this was fantastic for our own training development.”