Folks at Rugby Office Help Out with Food Bank

Folks at Rugby Office Help Out with Food Bank

December 04, 2017

Our colleagues in the Rugby Office passed the Food Bank basket in reception and thought: “must get something when I’m out”, then walked back in annoyed that they had forgotten.  

This was the case with many of the Aggregates Sales and Shipping team in Rugby.  So, after the follow up e-mail from Facilities asking for donations as there hadn’t been much, they decided a course of action; to get a collection going so they could go shopping and get a selection of food requested by the charity.

Nicola Henderson, Senior Aggs ISR continues: 

“After a couple of days collecting and some very welcome donations from John Miller and Chris Leese, we managed to raise £93. We then hit the shops and as you can see in the photo we managed to buy many of the supplies needed and pretty much filled the Food Bank Basket.  

"We hope this inspires other departments to do something similar and help people less fortunate than ourselves.”