Recovered Tyres Returning to Roads

Recovered Tyres Returning to Roads

March 09, 2023
Did you know that the UK alone generates over 486,000 used tyres each year? And sadly, previously the UK has been dependent on exporting end-of-life tyres to developing countries, displacing the issue rather than solving it.

CEMEX UK is now playing its part in easing this waste, with its latest Asphalt product RUBBERMIX, a new solution which can be added to most of our branded asphalt mixes. 

RUBBERMIX utilises crumb rubber – a material made from shredded waste tyres that is also used for football pitches and soft play floors. It therefore enables end-of-life tyres to be recycled, creating new roads and new life within the tyres. RUBBERMIX offers the potential to recycle about 500 tyres per kilometre of road.

RUBBERMIX is perfect for local authorities and housebuilders, as it can be incorporated into mixes for both highway maintenance and newly constructed roads and pavements, while providing the same quality control and consistent product performance as a standard asphalt.

Our Marketing team have recently launched a new video to promote RUBBERMIX to the markets you can watch it here.