Asphalt FAQs

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is basically a combination of aggregate (crushed rock and/or sand) and bitumen (derived from crude oil). Asphalt may also include additives to improve performance (for example, fibres, wax, polymers & pigments). Asphalt is typically used in the construction of car parks, roads, pathways, play areas and driveways.

Is Asphalt Sustainable?

A 100% recyclable material asphalt - recycled materials can be incorporated into new asphalt mixes and the industry in the UK is working hard to ensure this is done as best-practice where possible.

Can Asphalt Be Recycled?

Yes - asphalt can be recrushed and reused in new asphalt mixes

Are There Environmental Benefits To Using Low Temperature Asphalt?

Yes - a low temperature asphalt can reduce carbon emissions by around 25% as less energy is needed in the production of the material. CEMEX offer a low temperature solution - Eco Asphalt which is manufactured at 40°c lower than standard asphalt. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions but it can also speed up road maintenance costs as it takes less time to cool and set.