‘En Común’ Exhibition

Featuring Tatiana Bilbao​

How do we want to build, live and dwell together - not only in the future, but now?​

Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao has been investigating these questions for 16 years with her interdisciplinary office and again and again in collaboration with other architecture and landscape architecture studios, artists, the residents and the building owners.


Social responsibility, sustainable building methods and the social aspect of architecture play just as important a role in the projects of Estudio Tatiana Bilbao as their participatory development with all those involved: the design of built living spaces is a collective process in both urban and rural areas.  ​

Tatiana Bilbao

The architect, who was born in Mexico City in 1972, receives worldwide attention and recognition for this design and planning approach, her interdisciplinary academic research in this context, studies on materiality and building techniques as well as for the projects realised by her office.  ​

Bilbao's work has been recognized with the Berliner Kunstpreis in 2012, the 2010 Architectural League Emerging Voices, the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture by the LOCUS Foundation in 2014, and the Impact Award 2017 to the Architizer A+Awards Honorees, along with the 2020 Tau Sigma Delta Gold Medal and the 2019 Marcus Prize Award.​

Bilbao's holistic approach forms the basis of Tatiana Bilbao's new exhibition, which will be on show at the Aedes Architecture Forum Berlin from May 2022. 

The Exhibition

2 Silica II Roble 700 © Tatiana Bilbao Estudio (small).png

En Común shows eight exemplary projects as a reference for the office's way of working, using models, collages and large-scale hand drawings created collectively.

Spacious models made of concrete, rammed earth, wood or brick confer the materiality and atmosphere of the projects, some of which are in the planning stage and others, which have been realised, accompanied by texts and photographs, reproduced hand drawings by the architect convey her working method.


The Projects

9 Ways of Life © Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
  • Maria Friedenshort  - New monastery in Neuzell, Brandenburg, Germany ​
  • Ways of Life - Village development project in Scheid, Hesse, Germany ​
  • Collegium - Conversion of an abbey into a cultural centre in Arévalo, Spain ​
  • Estoa – UDEM  - Building for the campus of the University of Monterrey, Mexico ​
  • Olive West  - Masterplan and residential building in St. Louis, Missouri, USA ​
  • Porte de Montreuil - Project for sustainable neighbourhood development in Paris, France ​
  • Silica II - Roble 700 - Residential building and education centre in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico ​
  • Solo House - Holiday residence in Aragón, Spain ​


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