Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Bank Station Upgrade In London

Since late 2016, have been supplying Primary Sprayed Concrete to Dragados for the Bank Station Upgrade in London.

CEMEX and Dragados have worked together closely to ensure that the highest levels of safety are met before, during and after deliveries. CEMEX have exclusively been using our trusted haulage partner, NJ Docksey, to make the deliveries from Dove Holes in Buxton, down to Bank Station, London.

The project, which is set to be completed in 2022, sees the expansion of the current Bank Underground station, whilst merging it with Monument Underground station in order to reduce congestion. Three additional ticket halls will be created, along with six lifts, ten platforms, two 94m travellators and a 570m tunnel.

After discussing the options available to supply the material to the site, including providing a mobile ready-mix plant on the site, CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar invested in four 100T silos to be placed on the site at Bank Station on Arthur Street and Cannon Street delivery points. Many material options were considered, and the CEMEX Major Projects Team headed up by Mark Norton and the DSM Team headed up by Andrew Bright, worked very closely with the customer on the specifications and requirements of the job to ensure that the ultimate solution was the best for all parties involved.

One of the site entrances is located just off London Bridge, with the other being located at Cannon Street. This makes for very difficult manoeuvring and the need for Dragados, their teams and the tanker drivers to be extremely careful and aware of their surroundings, particularly vulnerable road users, including the huge amounts of pedestrians that pass each day, to ensure that nobody is injured in any way.

Since the beginning of the job more than 2 years ago, CEMEX have delivered in excess of 40,000 tonnes of Primary Sprayed Concrete in over 1,400 tanker deliveries to a very congested and awkward site in the middle of London.

Following our excellent service of supplying the Primary Sprayed Concrete, CEMEX Readymix have now supplied circa 2000m³ of Secondary Sprayed Concrete which is sprayed over the top of the DSM Primary Sprayed Concrete, with a waterproof coating sandwiched between the two layers.

In November 2018, Andrew Bright and Bill Buckley (Site Liaison Officer) gave a presentation honouring Dragados management and staff, particularly their Foreman. This paid tribute to their efforts over the past two years and for their outstanding commitment to site safety and for looking after the equipment, drivers and vulnerable road users by presenting them the Partners in Safety Award.

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