StreetPave Mortar Paving System

Mortar Mix For Paving

StreetPave Mortar Mix For Paving

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

StreetPave Mortar Mix For Paving
  1. StreetPave PaveBase: Bedding Mortar - available in silos, bulk bags and 25kg bags
  2. StreetPave PaveGrip: Priming Slurry - available in 25kg bags
  3. StreetPave PaveFill: Flowing Jointing Mortar - available in 25kg bags

How STREETPAVE system works

1) Lay STREETPAVE PaveBase - it can be supplied in 40 tonne silos complete with mixer units, this product is typically laid to a depth of 40mm
2) Bond the paviers - Prior to laying the paving, a coating of STREETPAVE PaveGrip should be applied to the pavier bases to help form a solid bond between the paving and the STREETPAVE PaveBase.
3) Construct the joints - Jointing can be carried out once set using STREETPAVE PaveFill, a high-strength jointing mortar which is applied as a slurry prior to the removal of any excess, using mechanical belt cleaners once the application is completed.

The StreetPave Product Range

Bedding Mortar

StreetPave PaveBase - Bedding Mortar

StreetPave PaveBase silo, bulk and 25kg bag bedding materials are designed to comply with the requirements of BS 7533 pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers.


  • Walk on in 12 hours and drive on in 24 hours
  • Long-term durability
  • Laid from 10-75mm in one pass


  • Paved public transport areas
  • Paved pedestrian precincts
  • Paved areas of mixed foot and vehicular traffic
  • General private and public hardscape areas
Priming Slurry

StreetPave PaveGrip - Priming Slurry

StreetPave PaveGrip, 25kg bag format is a high-performance priming and bonding mortar specifically designed for natural stone and pre-cast concrete paving units, for use in bonded/rigid construction in commercial and public area projects.


  • Excellent bond strength
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Provides full BS 7533 compliance in conjunction with other StreetPave products


  • Creates the essential bond between the bedding and paving element
  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Suitable for high-trafficked pavements
Flowing Jointing Mortar

StreetPave PaveFill - Flowing Jointing Mortar

StreetPave PaveFill 25kg bag format is a high-performance, fast-setting and flowing jointing grout designed to meet the requirements of BS 7533.


  • Frost resistant
  • Suitable for natural stone, cobbles, flagstone concrete and clay paver installation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Simple to mix and apply


  • Suitable for high-trafficked pavements

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More Information

StreetPave - A Fully Compliant BS 7533-Compliant System


STREETPAVE mortar paving system consists of a range of high-performance, rapid strength bedding, priming and jointing materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533.


BS 7533 is published by the British Standards Institute and is the code of practice for rigid and flexible paving systems. It outlines best practice for laying and product types to minimise risk of a paving system failing.


The STREETPAVE system has been designed to work as a three-stage process with each product tested individually and collectively as a system. Substituting one or more of the products could cause issues and lead to non-compliance with BS 7533.


Compliant systems are more robust and provide better overall value than non-compliant systems as they require less maintenance and last longer, in some cases exceeding 40 years.


Ordering & Delivery

STREETPAVE mortar paving system

Ordering couldn’t be simpler through our dedicated mortar and sales support teams, locally-based and committed to serving your needs. SILOS can be delivered directly to site. The mixer is connected to a single 230v 32-amp electrical supply and mains pressure water (1 bar). The operative, when trained and certified, can produce material straight away. BAGS can be delivered in bulk (nominally 1 tonne) or 25kg bags to site. A forced action mixer will be required to get the correct consistency. Bulk and 25kg bags are suitable for smaller sites or making good where the volume required on site doesn’t lend itself to a silo.

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