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ReadyRoad 60 & ReadyDrive 50

With its sleek smooth finish and an array of colours to choose from you can create your conventional driveway. And to add your own personal twist that will really show off your new driveway, finish off your project with edging in a contrasting colour.


ReadyFlow™ 80

With it’s unique shape, the ReadyFlow™ 80 will add a refined dimension to your project and being available in three distinct colours you can be sure this paver will enhance your property.



All outside areas can benefit from the beauty and durability of our Lothian Setts. This modern paver has the visual characteristics of a stone sett with a weathered appearance but stays up to date - like many a fashionable item of yesteryear that makes a return in the modern day just with the aid of a slight tweak ensuring its fit and hip for the 21st century.