Readytherm+ Insulated Concrete Flooring

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ReadyTherm+ Insulated Concrete Flooring

Floor System

Readytherm+ utilises easy to fit EPS inserts covered by high-strength EPS panels, ensuring total floor insulation and providing a surface prepared for laying structural screed.

ReadyTherm+ flooring system combines the ReadyFloor+ T beam and high-strength EPS panels. These panels are manufactured by an industry leader and independently certified.

ReadyTherm+ provides both the total floor insulation and a formwork on which to lay the structural screed.


ReadyTherm+ Benefits

  • KIWA certified
  • Works with our 155mm and 225mm beams
  • Reduced excavation from site
  • Faster floor construction


More Benefits

  • Reduced load on foundations
  • Produces a floor with zero cold bridging
  • Easily incorporates underfloor heating systems
  • No secondary insulation required
  • Easy to cut around services

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