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M4 & M12 Bagged Mortar

The ideal option for projects where a dry pre-blended solution is required and where flexibility of supply is required. Supplied in waterproof bulk bags, CEMEX dry bagged mortar is ready mixed – just add water and mix to the required workability. It is factory blended under quality-controlled conditions to ensure consistency time after time.


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Bagged Mortar

CEMEX M4 & M12 Natural Mortar is suitable for brick laying, block laying, repointing, general masonry repairs and for laying patio and paving slabs. It is available as both natural and a wide range of colours.

M12 Natural Mortar is specifically designed for below ground & DPC environments where increased durability is required.

Features and Benefits


  • BS EN 9882 Compliant
  • Compatible with a wide range of bricks and blocks
  • Easy to use – just add water
  • Factory blended for guaranteed consistency


Technical Information



The mixes are factory made using dried, constituents, accurately blended to approved mix designs to produce M4 & M12 mortars that comply with the requirements of BS EN 998-2.



To overcome any potential segregation that may occur during transit, the contents of each bag should be mixed before use. The material can be mixed mechanically in a free fall mixer for 3-4 minutes or hand mixed by placing an amount of the dry powder onto a clean, flat surface and slowly adding clean water in increments and mixing continuously with a shovel until the desired workability is achieved. For masonry units that have a high absorption and/or where high ambient temperatures are expected, rapid moisture loss from the mortar can be prevented by pre-wetting the masonry units.

For optimum results, approximately 3.5 to 4 litres of clean water should be used per 25kg bag and each mix of mortar should be used within 120 minutes, after this time it should be discarded. Refrain from excessive water addition, as this will weaken the mix, delay setting times and adversely affect durability. There is no need to add further additives or admixtures to the material on site as all required plasticisers/workability aids are already incorporated into the mix.


After Laying

The finished mortar should be protected against the effects of the prevailing weather conditions such as, frost, rain and when conditions are dry and/or windy rapid moisture loss should be avoided by covering with plastic sheeting or damp hessian.



Each 25kg bag of CEMEX M4 & M12 Natural Mortar will yield approximately 12 litres of fresh mortar, sufficient to lay approximately 20 standard house bricks or 12 100mm blocks laid with a uniform 10mm joint.


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