Environment & Biodiversity

CEMEX UK plays a key role in creating and maintaining Britain’s built environment. We are one of the UK’s largest building materials companies and our products, including aggregates, cement and concrete, are part of the fabric of a sustainable Britain.

CEMEX & The Environment

We recognise that our business has consequences for people and the environment. It is a key challenge for us to balance these impacts with the need to build a more sustainable future. Our vision is of a successful, sustainable CEMEX that makes a positive contribution to people and the environment.

Biodiversity is life and the natural systems that support them. It matters because it underpins the benefits we get from the natural environment, contributes to our economy and enriches our lives. High quality restoration of mineral sites offers an effective way to develop areas for wildlife and re-creating a range of habitats. Climate change is posing new challenges and threats to nature. Conserving biodiversity will play a key role in our ability to adapt to these changes.

In October 2009, CEMEX UK and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds commenced a partnership, with a dedicated biodiversity advisor to develop a national biodiversity strategy, provide biodiversity-focused restoration advice and to aid in raising awareness of best biodiversity practice to internal and external audiences. Building Biodiversity (The CEMEX UK Biodiversity strategy 2010 – 2020) sets out a clear framework, with specific targets, to help guide CEMEX in this undertaking.  CEMEX UK and the RSPB are also playing a key leading role on the development of CEMEX's global biodiversity strategy and the global partnership that CEMEX has with BirdLife International.

CEMEX UK recognise the intrinsic value of nature and the importance of conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services to allow for a sustainable development of society. CEMEX are committed to being a responsible steward of the land they manage and to conduct operations in a sustainable manner. CEMEX are committed to meeting the biodiversity targets set out in Building Biodiversity. CEMEX will aim to minimise or mitigate its impact on biodiversity, endeavouring to achieve no net loss of biodiversity on our sites.

CEMEX will work to:

  • Deliver the aspirations and objectives set out in Building Biodiversity (The CEMEX UK Biodiversity strategy 2010 – 2020).
  • Assess, prevent wherever possible and reduce to a practical minimum the biodiversity impacts of operations and seek opportunities for biodiversity enhancement initiatives.
  • Align the CEMEX business model with biodiversity initiatives and policy so that the identification, assessment and management of biodiversity values are incorporated into decision making processes and management system, throughout the life cycle of sites.
  • Provide adequate resources for instruction, training and supervision to appropriately manage biodiversity conservation.
  • Contribute to the development of knowledge and the promotion of best practices in the field of biodiversity conservation.
  • Integrate biodiversity as a core component of communication efforts, both internally and externally, to encourage more awareness and understanding among stakeholders.
  • Monitor, review and openly report CEMEX’s biodiversity performance against measurable targets and industry best practices to drive continuous improvement.

To read more about the RSPB's partnership with CEMEX, please visit the RSPB Website.