Readyscreed: the screeding material tailored to your needs

CEMEX’s extensive range of screed products are easily adaptable to your project’s demands.


Why choose Readyscreed?

Ready-made screeding materials for a wide range of applications


Readyscreed sand and cement-based screeding materials are designed to meet specific requirements for projects and builds. It’s suitable for all conventional floor screed applications, including floating screed, monolithic, and bonded and unbonded construction.


With a rapid-retardation of 12 hours, Readyscreed remains usable for one working day, enhancing productivity and quality. CEMEX’s screeds are factory produced using specialist manufacturing facilities and comply with all British and European standards


Benefits Of Readyscreed

  • High performance, tested in accordance with BS EN 13892.
  • Excellent workability with lower moisture content
  • Rapid Retardation: the material remains usable for one working day
  • Fire protected screeds are non-combustible as per relevant standards EN 13501-1.
  • British Standards Compliant with BS EN 13813:2002 tested in accordance with BS 13892 Methods of Test for Screed Materials.
  • Improved shrinkage protection thanks to reduced moisture content
  • Good compatibility with all normal construction materials

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The Readyscreed Range

Our range of Readyscreed products can be used with a number of different applications, including monolithic construction, bonded & unbonded construction, floating screed and more.


This high-quality, retarded screeding mortar performs better than site-mixed screeds. It’s accuracy in the mix, consistent properties throughout use, shorter drying times and higher strength make it an ideal screeding material for a variety of applications.
It’s CE marked and complies with the requirements of BS EN 13813.


Sharing all the qualities of the Original, Readyscreed Early Strength dries in approximately half of the time taken by conventional floor screeds, boasting a superior resistance and endurance. Ready to use, it offers many advantages over site-mixed screeds, like shorter drying times, higher strength and excellent workability.

This high-quality, retarded screeding mortar contains a measured amount of polypropylene fibres that substitute the use of light mesh traditionally employed when screeding. This innovative technique ensures that the reinforcement is in the correct position and correctly distributed, without the complications of installing mesh at the right depth, buying or storing it. Readyscreed® Reinforced demonstrates excellent strength characteristics when tested in accordance with BS EN 13892.

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