Screed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Screed?

Screed is a thin layer of specialist concrete that is typically poured over a concrete floor base (or over underfloor heating) to create a smooth, level surface that can accommodate the final floor covering such as carpet, wood or tile.

What is Screed Made From?

Screed is made using a combination of cement and sand. The sand can vary according to your requirements - for a fine screed (the type typically used in domestic builds) we tend to use sharp sand but for an industrial or heavy duty build a larger aggregate (typically 6 - 10mm) may be required.

What Are The Advantages of Using Screed?

Screed provides a sturdy, safe and level base for a decorative flooring option, such as wood, tiles or carpets, but it can also look and function to great effect when left bare. From a more practical perspective screed can also provide a clean, level finishing surface to foundations or sub base concrete which is uneven.

What Are The Different Types of Screed?

Screed comes in a variety of forms but the 4 main types are:

  • Bonded screed - this kind of screed is fully bonded to the concrete sub base using a specialist bonding agent. It's typically used when a thinner screed is required.
  • Unbonded screed - this type of screed is laid on a polythene sheet or damp waterproof membrane, seperating the final layer of screed from the concrete base substrate. This is typically used for older concrete sub bases.
  • Floating screed - this screed is normally laid on a thermal insulating layer, usually on top of a damp waterproof membrane - separating the concrete floor sub base.
  • Underfloor heating screed - similar to floating screed but it is laid over underfloor heating pipes instead of insulating material.

How is Screed Levelled?

A liquid screed like SupaFlo is both self-levelling and self-compacting - making it far easier to get the right kind of finish to your screed floor. Other traditional types of screed such as Readyscreed may require a straight-edge wooden float to help level the screed when applying it.

How Long Does It Take Screed To Cure?

We recommend 24 - 48 hours (but that depends on thickness of the screed - for thin screeds 24 hours might suffice but for thicker ones it might take a little longer).