Supporting Local School’s Careers Week

Supporting Local School’s Careers Week

March 14, 2024
Last week was National Careers Week and we took it as an opportunity to highlight some career pathways at Harris Church of England in Rugby. Andy Richmond, UK Communications Manager, went to talk to some Year 8 students about his career in Communications.

Andy Explained: “Last week I was delighted (and a touch nervous!) to go back to school and visit Harris Church of England Academy in Rugby to deliver a talk to students as part of their careers week.

I spoke about my own career journey from my school days through to my current position at Cemex and the many different communications-related subject areas from marketing, PR, social media, brand and design in order to give a wider understanding of how these areas differ but also how they work together to help enhance an organisation’s brand, manage its reputation and articulate how it tells its story to the outside world.

I explained how I struggled with maths and just about any numbers-based subject when I was in school but enjoyed English and any subject where I was encouraged to either write, or where I was able to communicate verbally through collaboration and group exercises or reading aloud.

Whilst I enjoyed all English-related subjects at school, a career in communications was never on my radar until I entered the world of work. This was mainly as I was unaware of the role that a communications team would perform and therefore unable to make the link between the school subjects I enjoyed and how these could lead to a potential career. It is for this reason that I was keen to take up this opportunity when approached by the school, in order to give something back and tell my story in the hope that it may act to inspire and create a wider awareness around the communications profession.”