Community Safety

CEMEX strives to be a good neighbour and it is company policy to safeguard equipment and facilities to ensure the safety of employees and local communities.

Health and safety is part of everyday concern and should be reflected at all times in employee behaviours. CEMEX has extended this commitment to safety beyond the organisation and is involved with a number of public initiatives to improve safety and awareness.

Cyclist Safety

CEMEX UK has been working with leading organisations, including RoSPA and RoadPeace to reduce and prevent incidents involving cyclists by investing in the latest technology for their vehicles, training programmes for its drivers and educating cyclists at cycling events.

cycling safety

Play Safe Stay Safe

CEMEX supports the Quarry Products Associations Play Safe Stay Safe campaign to raise awareness among youngsters of the risks associated with playing in quarries. As part of this annual campaign, CEMEX works with local schools to warn of the dangers of quarry trespassing. Projects have included taking tippers vehicles to schools and allowing children into the cabs under supervision, to illustrate the difficulties drivers have seeing cyclists from the cab. CEMEX has also run a safety poster competition.

Charitable Donations

As part of CEMEX’s commitment to reducing accidents, the company makes charitable donations. The scheme has been running for more than 15 years and rewards sites where employees have achieved targets without lost time injuries (LTIs) with donations to local charities. The company recently gave £1,000 to Keech Cottage Children's hospice. The donation was made after Kensworth Quarry had achieved 12 months without an LTI, making it seven years at the site without an LTI.