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What is Beam and Block Flooring?

ReadyTherm used in Beam and Block Flooring

Beam and Block (also called rib and block) systems are a popular form of domestic construction used to create suspended concrete floors at the ground or upper floor level. Beam and Block flooring comprises a series of inverterted T-Beams made of pre-stressed concrete, interlaid with precast concrete blocks.

Advantages of Beam and Block Flooring Systems

  • Strength and stability
  • Economical due to the off-site manufacture of beams and blocks.
  • Fast installation requires minimal ground preparation and can reduce site delays as the method is not weather dependent.
  • It can be used for suspended floors just above the ground where, for example, the site slopes; the ground has poor bearing capacity; a high water table or toxic chemicals are present in the ground.
  • Improved thermal mass and performance
  • The beams and blocks are inert and unaffected by dampness or rot.
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Improved acoustic insulation
  • Shuttering is not usually required.

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Beam & Block Floor Systems

For commercial and domestic use, beam and block construction solves many onsite difficulties, including costly excavation and consolidation of backfill prior to laying concrete. At CEMEX we take a customized and flexible approach to better serve our customers in every location where we operate.

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Floor Insulation & ReadyTherm

ReadyTherm® flooring system combines the ReadyFloor® T beam and high-strength EPS panels. These panels are produced by independently certified manufacturers. Alternatively, the Tetris system consists of large, lightweight, ultra high compressive strength insulation blocks which sit on and between CEMEX ReadyFloor® concrete floor beams.