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Designing The Future Of The Construction Industry Together.

For our customer its important to have correct and consistent data of their business in real time, with CEMEX Go developer Center our customers can connect their own management systems to CEMEX platforms using APIS.

Providing our customers with a seamless and unified experience for order placement, ticket management, live tracking of CEMEX products and financial document management with a familiar and secure experience.

A single platform to increase your productivity
Automatically monitor in real time relevant information, receive documentation and place orders in a single platform, your own, purpose built platform.

Giving you an opportunity to innovate your business
Be ready to upgrade your systems and processes to transform and accelerate your business. Together we can create new models and develop tailor-made products to grow.

Visibility to make better business decisions
Giving you full visibility of your jobsites. Check your orders in real time, get detailed information about your deliveries location, what is being loaded, unloaded or on route to make better decisions on your construction projects.

A reliable & secure solution
Our commitment is to guarantee your safety and earn your trust. Our solutions meet the highest security standards to protect your personal data.

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