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It is a first-of-its-kind, fully digital customer integration platform. Combining CEMEX’s industry leadership with cutting-edge digital innovation, CEMEX Go is a multi-device offering that provides a seamless experience for order placement, live tracking of shipments, and managing invoices and payments for CEMEX’s main products, including bagged and bulk cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and multi-products. It delivers real-time, detailed information that customers need to get more done in less time, enabling them to have more control over their businesses and increase value to their stakeholders.

CEMEX Go will help you to increase your productivity: Use it anytime, anywhere, whether you are reviewing a contract, placing an order, tracking a delivery, reviewing an invoice or making a payment. CEMEX Go reduces your administrative burden so you can focus on more relevant business matters. You will be able to do in minutes what used to take hours.


Allowing you to make better business decisions: CEMEX Go gives you the real-time and detailed information needed for more effective decision-making regarding your business or projects. History of transactions allows you to measure, adjust, and act.


Enabling you to have better control of your business: CEMEX Go puts the power in your hands. Manage directly your CEMEX account with full visibility and control.

CEMEX Go gives you real-time, on-demand access to the following

Prepare to buy: Review contract details, including price agreements, manage active locations, and create new jobsites.

Place an order: Select type and quantity of product, and confirm orders.

Manage delivery and fulfillment: Real-time notifications of order status, live GPS tracking of shipments, request order changes and receive electronic proof of delivery.

Make payments and review transactions: See invoices and related documents, manage payments; and register and track a dispute, if needed.

In the future, CEMEX Go will continually evolve and expand to meet customers’ changing needs. If there is a functionality you would like to see added to CEMEX Go, please reach out to your CEMEX customer service representative.

No, CEMEX Go is a free platform for all our customers.

CEMEX Go is an integrated, web-based platform for both desktop and mobile devices. CEMEX Go is also available as a mobile app, though at launch the app will only have the “track” functionality, which lets you see the status and location of deliveries in real time. To download the CEMEX Go – Track app, visit the App Store or Google Play, and search for “CEMEX Track App.”

To access the web-based version of CEMEX Go you can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Please download and install the most current version of the browser.

The mobile app with the “track” functionality is available for iOS and Android.

Visit www.cemexgo.com or open the CEMEX Go – Track app to set up your account — click on the “Do not have an account?” link to begin the registration process.

Your CEMEX Go username is the email address that you used to register for CEMEX Go.

Only you should have your CEMEX Go password. If you can’t recall it, click the “Forgot password?” link on the CEMEX Go sign-in portal (either in-app or at www.cemexgo.com) and follow the password reset instructions. Don’t forget that your password should be at least eight characters long with at least one number or symbol.

In the CEMEX Go Track App select the order you want to view which will then break the order into loads.. Click on the finished load   you want to sign for and then select “View E-Ticket”. An image of the ticket will appear complete with times and comments. If   agreeable, return to loads page and select “Signature Sign”. This will then open a page for you to record your name and signature.   Once signed, if you go back to “View E-Ticket” you will then see the ticket again with your signature now present.

Please complete the online registration form at https://www.cemex.co.uk/cemex-go-registration . Once completed you will receive an email notification once your user has been created. This will contain details of how to login.

In some circumstances it can take up to 3 minutes for the load statuses to update. This depends on multiple factors including   4G/Wi-Fi signal strength

These tickets can be obtained using the Delivery Ticket Report in the Document Centre in Cemex Go on the web.

Coming Soon - Check back for more information.

Yes. Using the Delivery Ticket Report in CEMEX Go you will be able to download your ePODs and once downloaded you will be   able to print them from your own device.

No. The only exception to this rule is when a plant has technical issues and may need to produce a hand written ticket. In this case   the ticket will be handed to you on site and within 30 days will be available to view in CEMEX Go once it has been through our   scanning process.

For more information, visit http://www.cemex.co.uk/go