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Solutions For Renovation

Solutions For Renovation

3 key areas of renovation and refurbishment

Specialist Solutions From CEMEx

Renovation Solutions

Renovating Communities

Sustainable renovation solutions for public spaces & buildings, homes and urban development schemes.


Self Levelling / Flowing Screeds

Calcium Sulfate flowing screed provides significant benefits over traditional ‘semi dry’ mixed screeds for various reasons: scale of application, ease of placement, excellence of surface finish, attainable accuracy of level and the virtual elimination of cracking & curling.



CEMEX high-performance and durable Readyscreed offers sand and cement-based screeding materials tailored to the project’s needs. These high-quality, retarded screeding mortars are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Home Improvement

Concrete Improvement Work

CEMEX offers a range of core mixes to professional builders, self-builders and homeowners to support housing extensions, conservatories, driveway improvements, garages and shed / out building bases.


Factory Produced Mortar

Factory produced mortars offer clean, efficient production with reduced wastage and increased productivity on site. The dry silo systems also reduce manual handling and the risk of injury in production, for improved health and safety.

Foam Concrete Solutions

Foamed Lightweight Concrete

Foamed concrete is a highly workable, low density material incorporating up to 80% air. It is generally self-levelling, self-compacting & may be pumped. Risk of plastic shrinkage or settlement cracking is significantly lower than that of standard concrete.

Drainage & Water Management

Sustainable Urban Drainage

CEMEX offers several permeable and pervious building solutions that complement one another to create domestic or commercial landscapes or urban renovation schemes.

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Download the Renovation Solutions brochure from CEMEX to find out more about the type of construction materials we can supply to support your residential and commercial projects.

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Solutions For House Builders

Building & Urban Regeneration

CEMEX offers a range of construction materials to support home renovation, including specialist asphalts for driveway construction, concrete blocks for internal and external applications as well as hydraulic lime for use in mortar, pointing or rendering.

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