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Ready To Use & Dry Silo Mortar


What is Mortar?

Mortar is a type of cement-based material used for building and construction purposes. It is made up of a mixture of sand, water, cement and other materials. Mortar is used to bond together bricks, blocks, stones, and other materials to form a solid structure.

Mortar is an essential component of many construction projects, as it helps to ensure the stability of the structure. Mortar can also be used to fill in gaps between components and to help waterproof the structure. When applied correctly, mortar can provide a strong, long-lasting bond between components.

More About Our Mortar Products

Types Of Mortar & Their Uses

Readymix Mortar
With a proven track record of delivering consistently high quality factory produced mortar and excellent support, CEMEX ready-to-use is the flexible option.

Ready-to-use mortar can be delivered to site, avoiding interruption to work schedules, either ready to discharge into site containers or disposable containers for smaller applications.


Dry Silo Mortar
With one of the largest available tanker fleets in the country, CEMEX can offer a first class replenishment service.

There is no need for mixing areas on site as all the material is contained in the silo. The guaranteed colour, consistency and controlled workability are backed up by CEMEX’S excellent training and support.

Specialist Mortar Products

Coloured Mortars & Related Products

Coloured Mortar
The fantastic assortment of brick and block designs available today demand an equally flexible range of coloured mortars to complement them.

Find out more about what we can offer through our excellent range of coloured mortar products.


Related Products
We realise there is a whole range of bespoke and specialist products required on every project - we can offer a selection of plasters, renders and traditional & specialist sands.

Find out more about the excellent related product range we can offer.

Conforming To British & European Standards

Manufacturing Standards In Mortar Production


All of our mortars conform to British and European standards and are factory produced for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as strengths, colour and working with different brick and block options. At our centrally based research and development centre, the team can support you further with special mix designs, durability and colour specification.

With numerous dedicated production facilities throughout the UK we have the flexibility to meet all site requirements. Everyone, throughout the whole business, is trained to understand your requirements and is dedicated to providing superior service.

Ordering couldn’t be simpler through our dedicated mortar and sales support teams, locally based and committed to serving your needs, just choose your location from the Location finder.

At CEMEX we take a customized and flexible approach to better serve our customers in every location where we operate.

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