Safety Leadership

Employee safety is of utmost importance at CEMEX. We are committed to identifying and reducing any safety risks associated with our operations by improving how we reinforce safe behaviours with our employees and strengthening the accountability of management for ensuring safe behavior.

A flagship safety leadership program called LEGACY was designed and developed in 2009 to equip managers at all levels within CEMEX with the tools, skills, and behaviors they need to lead safer, more efficient operations. The objective of LEGACY is to promote a cultural change in the way we currently operate, moving from "production" to "safe production" to help us achieve our global, long-term goal of zero incidents.

LEGACY is the foundation for a new global safety leadership course, which all leaders, from executives to front-line supervisors, are required to complete. The two-day course, designed and developed by CEMEX, is based on seven behaviors of effective safety leadership and covers themes such as leading by example, understanding processes and people, communication, and motivation and accountability. The global safety course complements behavior-based safety programs previously established in some of our countries of operation.

In addition to LEGACY, we have developed a root-cause investigation tool to improve the quality of incident investigations in the company. This process enables us to better understand the true root causes of safety incidents and those aspects of our safety management system that we must strengthen in order to prevent injuries. In addition, we have developed a root-cause analysis training course to improve the quality of incident investigation.

CEMEX believe it is wrong to accept injuries and occupational illnesses. We believe injuries and illnesses are not an inevitable or expected consequence of doing business and we are committed to eliminating these tragic events. It is the right thing to do and a business imperative. We call our commitment Zero4Life.

Safety LeadershipThe zero in Zero4Life means zero recordable injuries, job-related illnesses, preventable vehicular incidents and environmental events. The 4 relates to the four fundamental principles of achieving zero injuries and occupational illnesses: accountability, behavior, communication and dedication.

'Life' means living safely off the job and sharing this value with our contractors, vendors, families and friends. It means doing what is necessary to sustain zero, but also taking safety awareness beyond the workplace into our homes and our communities. Zero4Life also means Integrating safety into our daily lives and into everything we do as individuals and as an organisation.

To maintain high standards, the CEMEX Health and Safety Management system, which is based on the following 14 elements, is being implemented throughout CEMEX operations:

  • Leadership and management participation
  • Regulations, audits and inspections
  • Safe operative practices
  • Accident investigation and tracking
  • Behavioral safety
  • Health and safety training
  • Emergency preparation and fire prevention
  • Contractors safety
  • Risk analysis, job safety analysis and PPE
  • Hazardous works and maintenance control
  • Safety promotion
  • Health risk
  • Facilities and work environment
  • Driving safety