Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

EPD for Cement

This Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides a quantitative and verified description of the environmental profile of cement produced by Cemex UK. The product was assessed from a life cycle point of view in the scope of the product system from the cradle to the plant gate.

What is an EPD

EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration, it is a document that provides transparent and comparable information about a product's environmental impact during its entire life cycle. EPD's aim to support ecological decision-making and raise awareness of products' environmental aspects.


The importance of EPD for environmental protection

The product's environmental declaration helps to identify and reduce the adverse environmental effects of production. For Cemex, it is a vital tool for improving sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint. An EPD provides detailed information on energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and other key environmental indicators.

EPD Assessment Factors

How we achieve this

Cemex implements various strategies and technologies to minimize the environmental impact of cement production, including:

  • Optimization of energy efficiency in production processes

  • Use of alternative fuels and raw materials

  • Investment in modern technologies with lower emissions

  • Responsible management of water resources

  • Promotion of recycling and reuse of materials

Objective comparison

The EPD provides transparent information that enables an objective comparison of the environmental profiles of different products. This helps consumers and construction professionals make informed decisions when choosing materials with regard to their environmental impact.

EPDs are independently verified and certified, ensuring their credibility and accuracy; this means that users can rely on the information provided in the EPD when evaluating the environmental performance of products.

Commitment to zero CO2 emissions

Future in Action is our program focused on the development of low-carbon products, solutions and processes to become a company with zero CO2 emissions