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Real-time data monitoring for your concrete strength & temperature

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Data generated from i-con integrates with BIM projects

Concrete Maturity Monitoring

Cemex i-Con is a digital solution for monitoring concrete temperature and strength development in real-time using the maturity method, (a way to determine how well curing concrete is progressing).

To calculate concrete maturity, we consider the concrete's temperature, time, and strength gain. By measuring concrete maturity, we can accurately determine the current strength of the curing concrete in real-time.


As a complete ready-mix solution, we offer SmartRock sensors, concrete provision, and material calibration as a single package. 


Once installed, the sensors send real-time readings to the app, which you can access on your smartphone or other devices; this real-time information can help you to make informed decisions on when to apply loads, remove formwork, or pour concrete; additionally, it can improve the accuracy of strength predictions in extreme temperatures.


Cemex i-Con works with Smartrock sensors, enabling you to monitor your concrete placement directly from your phone in real time; this eliminates the need to rely on field-cured cubes, allowing you to complete your project ahead of schedule and under budget.



Cemex i-Con offers a straightforward solution to track the maximum and minimum temperature and temperature differential of your concrete placement. Using the SmartRock sensors, you can instantly access precise and reliable data on your phone in real time.

Ideal for:

  • Early formwork removal and fast cycle times.
  • Cold weather and Hot weather concreting.
  • Post tensioning.
  • High early strength concrete.
  • Mass concrete and slab work where temperatures need to be measured directly.
  • Adding construction data to the project BIM model

Suggested Applications

Cemex i-Con works with all concrete mix applications but compliments applications that require rapid strength gain and when early-age strength estimation is needed or when working in hot or cold weather.


  • High-rise buildings
  • Crane bases
  • Cast-in-place concrete construction
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Precast construction

i-Con Solution

Cemex i-Con is a digital solution designed to provide a comprehensive package for monitoring concrete maturity and temperature in real-time using the maturity method.

Cemex offers a complete range of readymix concretes that are specifically designed for various applications in the commercial, industrial, and civil sectors. Cemex i-Con is a great choice for across multiple mixes, it is particularly useful for rapid setting concrete jobs that require formwork including Cemex Promptis.


Promptis offers:

  • Fast formwork removal leading to increased productivity. 
  • Capable of delivering up to 40N of strength in just 24 hours.
  • Poured quickly and with minimum disruption.
  • Easy to compact and finish.
  • It only takes a few minutes to tag and install the sensor on any project.
  • Wireless
  • Designed to withstand the harshest weather and construction conditions
  • Direct embedded-sensor-to-phone signal range up to 40 ft (12 m)
  • Battery lasts up to 4 months after activation
  • Two points of temperature measurements located in cable end and body
  • One sensor is needed per approx. 80 cubic meters of concrete
  • Measurements once every 15 minutes

The results are accessible in real-time and remotely through the SmartRock mobile app and on the Giatec 360™ cloud dashboard to help you make informed decisions. 


  • Accurate real-time data display (i.e. temperature, strength, max-min values, and graphs) 
  • Temperature differential analysis 
  • Free Android/iOS app with easy-to-use guide 
  • Project management tools including live data sharing 
  • Giatec 360 web-based cloud dashboard 
  • Proactive AI notifications of concrete pouring time and mix calibration errors 
  • Full PDF and CSV reporting and data exporting 
  • Open API integration with project management applications (i.e. Procore)

Maturity is a non-destructive method that helps to measure the early-age compressive strength of in-place concrete. This technique provides real-time results and eliminates the need for field-cured samples, leading you to a greatly optimise the construction programme. 

Calibration of the concrete mix is required to implement the maturity concept into a project. The goal of the calibration is to determine a relationship between maturity and strength for a specific mix.
Cemex LabExperts can undertake calibration of any Readymix concrete and provide the calibration through the SmartRock App.

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