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Ready-Mix Concrete

The versatile and user-friendly solution

Concrete House

Our solutions are perfect for house extensions, conservatories, shed bases, driveways, foundations, flooring and paving.

Ready-mix is the most common form of concrete - prepared for delivery at a concrete plant instead of mixed on the construction site,  guaranteeing a high quality concrete mix.

No need to spend your time mixing concrete. Use our concrete calculator to work out what you need or simply get in touch to go over your requirements and we will happily supply pre-mixed concrete direct to your door.

Why Ready-Mix Concrete?

Readymix Concrete

Adaptable, handy and of first-rate quality: meet Ready-Mix Concrete, our user-friendly solution for domestic and DIY projects that’s designed to be delivered to your home. Durable, versatile and easy to use: it’s guaranteed high-quality for all your needs. From foundations to flooring, pave easily and without the need to spend your time mixing concrete. Discover our range of products, use our concrete calculator, find out how much you need and get it delivered to your door


Readymix Benefits

  • Easily placed and economical
  • Can be specified to meet aggressive ground conditions
  • Enhanced workability
  • Durable, with minimal maintenance
  • Resists freeze & thaw damage in winter
  • Deep sections where normal compaction is difficult


Readymix Applications

  • House Extensions
  • Home Improvements
  • Building Foundations
  • Concrete Paving
  • Floors & Bases

Types of Ready-Mix Concrete

Learn which type best suits your needs.

Laying the right foundations is a fundamental part of any project. For that purpose, we crafted the Ready-Mix Foundation Concrete, a durable, versatile and economical solution specifically designed for laying solid foundations and groundwork. It’s easy to place, specified to meet aggressive ground conditions and has enhanced workability, allowing for bricklaying and block work in as little as 24 hours after placing.

The Ready-Mix Paving Concrete is a versatile, durable and economical material ideal for outdoor paved areas, like driveways, paths, patios, carports and pavements. With minimal maintenance requirements, this product is highly durable, air entrained for enhanced workability and is freeze and thaw resistant - making it ideal for external projects.

Readymix Flooring is a market leading concrete designed for stability and durability in domestic flooring, oversites, bases, and garage floors. Readymix Flooring is available for two specific flooring standards – Readymix Flooring (U) for unreinforced floors and Readymix Flooring (R) for reinforced steel flooring applications.

Our concrete flooring is perfect as a durable direct floor finish or it can be used as a substrate screed. Easy to place with excellent surface finish characteristics, this mix is ideal for any flooring needs.

Concrete Types

Concrete Specifications

Concrete Types

Find out more about concrete specifications from basic GEN0 / ST1 through to FND2s & RC28/35s. We can offer an excellent range of technical specifications to suit your construction requirements.


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