Better By A Distance

Working Safely On Construction Sites

Working Safely On Construction Sites

Solutions for Physical Distancing and Productivity


Working Safely On Construction Sites Reducing equipment and labour on site or working in confined spaces, with easy-to-place products

Working Safely On Construction SitesEliminating the need for additional materials and manual handling/storage

Working Safely On Construction SitesSaving time and reduce turnaround on construction project

Working Safely On Construction SitesOne-person operating silos and less material / waste on site

Working Safely On Construction SitesWorking remotely with digital tools

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With safe working on site, products and services that minimise labour or physical distance and reduce additional materials or equipment on site whilst maximising productivity will be essential.

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Self Compacting Concrete

Using self-compacting concrete can help you reduce the number of people on your site without losing productivity as it requires less time and labour for placing, levelling and finishing operations. The concrete is a highly flowable, non-segregating material that can easily be placed, fill formwork, and encapsulate even the most congested reinforcement by means of its own weight, with little or no vibration.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Using fibre reinforced concrete can reduce or even eliminate the requirement for crack control steel mesh which will help free up site storage space, reduce the number of deliveries and minimise the number of people on site required for cutting and placing steel reinforcement.

Rapid Hardening Concrete

Using a rapid hardening concrete can help you to be on and off the site or project quickly, especially where deadlines are a major factor, saving valuable time during construction. The concrete enables fast formwork removal leading to improved control of scheduling and managing congestion on site along with increased productivity and cost savings.

Factory Produced Mortar

Factory produced mortars offer clean, efficient production with reduced wastage and increased productivity on site. The dry silo systems also reduce manual handling and the risk of injury in production, for improved health and safety.



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