Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Wembley Park Regeneration

Since April 2018, CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar have been supplying several sites at Wembley Stadium as part of the on-going £3 billion regeneration at Wembley Park.

In early 2018, Quintain, the company behind the project, announced plans for a further 250,000 sq. ft of shops, restaurants and bars to be built on the 85-acre site, which will double what has already been constructed. There will also be 7,000 new homes built, along with offices, a gym, a park, and possibly, a brand-new music venue.

Discussions between CEMEX and the customers we supply, led to the decision of using silos, filled with Dry Silo Mortar. The advantage of using DSM is its strength, durability and most importantly, the aesthetics it provides.

The use of silos as opposed to bulk bags provides the sites with a quicker process and helps to keep a tidier working environment.

CEMEX have been supplying five customers involved in the regenerations with various materials. To date, we have supplied over 1600 tonnes to the sites in just over 7 months, with works set to carry on for the foreseeable future.

There is a total of 14 silos at Wembley, at the time of writing, using 6 different materials;

  • M4 Natural
  • M4 Silo Plus
  • M6 Natural
  • M6 Dove White
  • M6 Black D
  • M6 Black D Silo Plus

All our customers are fully competent in using our silos and receive in-depth training from our fleet of service engineers when they first have the silos delivered. The engineers are then on hand throughout the projects to assist with any issues that may occur with the silos.

For more information on the projects, or to enquire about our products, please contact CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar on 01926 811 133.

Alternatively - request a quote and we will be happy to talk through the range of options available to you.

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Dry Silo Mortar Provided for Wembley Park Regeneration Dry Silo Mortar