Social Impact Partnerships and Awards

Partnerships and Awards

At CEMEX, to fulfill our purpose, we foster transformational change within our Company and the countries in which we operate. By close collaboration with alliances, partners, and stakeholders, we ensure our social license to operate and shared value creation.

Partnerships and Awards

At CEMEX, to fulfill our purpose, we foster transformational change within our Company and the countries in which we operate. By close collaboration with alliances, partners, and stakeholders, we ensure our social license to operate and shared value creation.

We promote behavioral change by living by our Company’s values, as well as the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), and integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our products and services.

We further strengthen community programs through our collaboration with people, local authorities, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGO´s).

Our more than 500 partnerships and strategic alliances for social impact worldwide have proven a key success factor in multiplying our positive impact on society. These collaborative alliances have enabled joint projects, best practices sharing and documentation, as well as pilots of socially innovative solutions throughout our different lines of action, contributing to SDG target 17.16.

Through our international partnerships we are accountable of our actions by annual reports, in order to verify compliance or advancements, we will continue to collaborate with these partnerships, and generate further internal metrics and measurement exercises to provide specific targets and information on progress. 

Our Partners In The UK Include:

RSPB - The RSPB and CEMEX UK partnership began in 2009. 2010 saw the launch of a Biodiversity Strategy with a commitment by CEMEX to pursuing challenging biodiversity targets covering its operations in the UK, including the creation and maintenance of 1,000 hectares of priority habitats by 2020. In a recent Sustainable Development Update, the company reported that 121 hectares of UK BAP priority habitats had been created and were being managed in just one year. The partnership continues to go from strength to strength with employees engaging in many of the RSPB wildlife initiatives and habitat creation and maintenance schemes.

Groundworks - Groundwork UK is the umbrella organisation for a network of over 50 Groundwork Trusts around the country. Groundwork supports communities in need, working with partners to help improve the quality of people’s lives, their prospects and potential, and the places where they live, work and play. Many Groundwork projects involve the physical improvement of underused or neglected areas of land to improve amenity and community involvement. The company has a long and proud history of involvement with the Groundwork Trusts including the Educational work with local schools in the Hatfield area. This project is designed to help pupils learn more about why we quarry, the lifecycle of a quarry and is based around the CEMEX Hatfield Quarry. The project encourages the children to understand an industry that is right on their doorsteps and provides ‘real life’ opportunities for them to visit the site.

STOLL - STOLL houses around 300 vulnerable and disabled veterans across its sites in London and Aldershot, as well as over 100 more every year across the UK through other housing providers. A significant number of Service personnel find the transition to civilian life extremely difficult. Failing physical and mental health, debt and other related issues can manifest themselves. CEMEX UK provides support towards ‘The Veterans Nomination Scheme’ with the purpose of the scheme enabling more Veterans the stability of a secure home and the support to enable them to reintegrate into civilian life. Learn more about our support for STOLL during the COVID-19 pandemic here –

PAN - Working with young asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom have experienced extreme hardship, violence and deprivation and therefore have problems finding their way in their new society. CEMEX UK sponsors ‘The Fortune’ project which uses Arts for Social Change techniques. Fortune offers a safe space where participants can learn to trust each other, rediscover their confidence and self expression and rekindle the power of imagination which will open doors and opportunities for their futures. Learn more about CEMEX support towards ‘The Fortune’ project here -

Cambridge Science Centre – The Cambridge Science Centre delivers STEM engagement in a variety of different ways to children across East Anglia regardless of their socioeconomic background, gender or ethnicity. The centre helps to break down the barriers of STEM Learning by making Science accessible, visual and fun. CEMEX have an active involvement as a member of the Executive Council where we all share one common goal of encouraging children’s interest of science.

Macready Theatre – CEMEX UK are the annual Macready Theatre partner. Together we help to provide additional support through drama and STEM subjects to the children local to the Rugby area. Learn more about a STEM workshop provided by CEMEX with Macready here (

Safe Drive Stay Alive Rugby – CEMEX sponsors the annual ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive road safety campaign for Rugby. This campaign is targeted at new and pre drivers, aged 17/18, in the Rugby area and consists of a theatrical performance that emphasizes the importance of safe driving using real life case studies/actors that have been affective by a traumatic road safety incident. Our mission with the collaboration of this campaign is to create awareness and reduce the road incidents for new drivers.

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