Permatite - Integral Waterproof Concrete

Water tight concrete - keeps water out or in... as required!

Permatite Waterproof Concrete
Permatite Waterproof Concrete
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CEMEX Permatite, available exclusively from CEMEX UK, is a concrete designed to meet the requirements of waterproofing as defined in BS8102 (all grades).

The use of specifically designed admixtures provides Readymix Permatite with structurally integral waterproofing, enabling concrete to be poured and compacted with ease

CEMEX and Fosroc, two of the leading exponents of moisture barrier construction technology, have combined their expertise and experience to provide the best solution in every application. This includes Type A (use of a waterproofing membrane) Type B (structural use of concrete) and Type C (drained cavity) construction projects.


Permatite Benefits

  • Watertight - Keeps water out or in as required  
  • Corrosion Resistant - Reduced risk of reinforcement corrosion
  • Reduced Permeability - Reduced water and water vapour permeability
  • High Performing & durable - Enhanced long term performance and durability in multiple applications
  • Shrinkage Resistant - Reduced drying shrinkage
  • Chloride Diffusion Resistant - Enhanced Chloride diffusion resistance


Permatite Applications

  • Basements - It's watertight properties make Permatite ideal for waterproofing basements
  • Swimming Pools - Permatite is watertight concrete - making it ideal for building swimming pools
  • Reservoirs - Ideal for man-made reservoirs
  • Green Rooftops - Keep the water out whilst maintaining a glorious rooftop garden
  • Water Tanks    - An ideal solution for water tanks as it retains water easily
  • Dams - Ideal material for building Dams
  • Sewage Treatment Works - Keep the sewage at bay with waterproof concrete
  • Tunnels - Perfect for tunnels that go under rivers, lakes and even the sea
  • Underground Car Parks - Keep your cars safe with Permatite waterproof concrete for underground car parks
  • Ideal for archives - the watertight properties prevent water damage
  • Storage Areas - Keeps items in storage safe and unspoilt by the weather thanks to it's waterproof properties

More Information About Waterproof Concrete

CEMEX Permatite is a type B integral waterproofing system manufactured by CEMEX utilising Fosroc’s state of the art waterproofing technology. The product is manufactured in closely controlled, quality assured ready mixed plants throughout the UK and is readily available from all of CEMEX’s readymix concrete plants. The product is delivered in traditional readymix concrete delivery vehicles and requires no special handling when it arrives on sites. It is generally supplied at high consistence levels to facilitate placing and is available in a range of strength grades and cement types to suit most applications.


Designing and constructing a concrete structure to be watertight requires good crack width control, waterstops in joints and a waterproof concrete. CEMEX Permatite provides the waterproof concrete by careful selection of raw materials and optimisation of mix designs to facilitate concrete placement. Fosroc will supply all the ancillary products required to complete the construction of a watertight concrete structure.


To fully ensure a waterproof structure it’s essential to follow good concrete practice and it’s important to ensure that the concrete is fully compacted and cured. The formation of watertight joints is critical to success and Fosroc’s design team is available to give advice on the most appropriate technology for particular structures.


CEMEX will provide you access to our highly experienced technical team who will be able to create bespoke mixes for all your readymix concrete needs. Our technical team has a vast experience of producing unique mixes for individual jobs, and can facilitate issues such as corrosive ground conditions, extreme weather conditions and high strength requirements. CEMEX will work to your specification, or if requested provide suggestions to ensure that we meet the specific needs of your project.

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