Readymix Concrete Admixtures

Specialist Admixtures for Readymix

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete admixtures are produced in accordance with BS EN 934 and are CE marked under the BSI Certificate of Factory Production Control.

In addition, the admixture production facility operates to BS EN ISO 9001:2000, with each batch of admixture undergoing stringent conformity control and evaluation to ensure compliance with the relevant industry standards and specifications

Product Information

Admixtures Range

ISOFIBER 1100 Hemp Fibre

A natural, non-plastic micro-fibre solution enabling natural surface durability. Learn More »


ISOFLOW I ISOPLAST I ISOFLEX Plasticising Admixtures

Regulate consistency, water saving and flow behavior. Learn More »


ISOSPHERE Air Entrainers

To achieve homogenously dispersed air bubbles increasing the freeze-thaw resistance. Learn More »


ISOXEL Accelerators

Regulate setting point and development of strength.



Efficient production of liquid soil without the need for special binders.  Learn More »



Regulate setting point and extend the processing time.


ISOSTAB Stabilisers

Produce a stable homogenous fresh concrete mixture which is not subject sedimentation.



Improve grouting mortar proporties to enable the complete filling of cavities.

Product Information

Admixtures Range


To produce cement bound mortar Systems which require targeted air entrainment, prolonged Retardation and System stability. Learn More »


ISOCURE Curing / Surface treament

To protect freshly processed and hardened concrete.


ISOKHORE Internal curing

To reduce damages (cracks and strenth loss) that may occur due to insufficient curing.


ISOFORM Release Agents / Cleaners

To produce high-quality concrete surfaces and machinery protection.


ISOCARE Release Agents / Cleaners

To produce high-quality concrete surfaces and machinery protection.



Mixer protectors I Pumping Aid I Release Agents I Fresh concrete Recycling


Readymix Admixtures Applications

Standard Concrete


Self Compacting Concrete

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Waterproof Concrete

Find out more about water reducing admixtures »



Find out more about mortar admixtures »


Readymix Admixtures Applications

Screed Retarders


Screed Based Resin




Surface Treatment

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