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ReadyPave Camden Concrete Block Paving


About ReadyPave Camden

The product range offers design solutions for any domestic or commercial hard landscaping project, be it traditional, contemporary or simply practical.

A modern twist on our classic rumbled paver. Whilst the Camden range retains the timeless and classic charm of a traditional stone sett, its rustic appearance is soft and subtle.

By adapting production techniques, the Camden has evolved into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly paver.

Firstly, by eliminating the need for secondary manufacturing processes to ‘rumble’ the product.

Secondly, we have reduced packaging and eliminated the potential for waste product on site by combining all three sizes into one pack.

Our Range

ReadyPave Camden Range


Camden Benefits

  • An attractive range of paving available for commercial & domestic use.
  • A good range of different sizes and shapes available.
  • A range of colours available to suit your needs and requirements.


Camden Benefits

  • Can be used for housing estate roads and pedestrianised areas
  • Ideal for driveways to create an aesthetic finish.
  • Flexible uses - including pedestrianised areas, including town centres.

Technical Properties

Technical Properties


Available Sizes (MM)

Autumn Hue ReadyPave Camden Small Blocks
Autumn Hue Medium Blocks ReadyPave Camden
Autumn Hue ReadyPave Camden Large Blocks
ReadyPave Camden Dimensions and sizes


  Length Height Width
Sett 1 105mm 50mm 140mm
Sett 2 140mm 50mm 140mm
Sett 3 210mm 50mm 140mm



There are 35 units per layer in a pack in the ratio:
Set 1 Quantity x5
Set 2 Quantity x10
Set 3 Quantity x20



Packs are 14 layers high giving a pack size of 490 units per pack and 12 m2 per pack.


More About ReadyPave Camden

De-icing materials should not be used on the Hard Landscaping range of decorative paving.


Hard Landscaping is manufactured from natural materials and colour variations may occur. Colour consistency cannot therefore be guaranteed.


Colours shown on this webpage are as accurate as print production methods allow.


We suggest that the final choice of colours should be judged from actual samples of products. Due to continued development of our product range, we reserve the right to change specifications and designs without notice.


To ensure a consistent blended overall appearance it is important to mix products from several packs. This is relevant if laying a single colour or multi-coloured product.


Liability in respect of any conditions, warranties, statements and representations made on behalf of the company is limited in accordance with the terms as set out in the standard conditions of sale, copies of which are available upon request.


CEMEX ReadyPave pavements should be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of BS 7533.



Efflorescence or ‘lime bloom’ is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which can sometimes occur in concrete products due to the use of naturally sourced raw materials. The phenomenon may have the appearance of a milky white bloom on the surface of the product and an apparent loss of intensity of colour may occur. Efflorescence disappears with time and is in no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of ReadyPave products.


CEMEX cannot be held responsible for the phenomenon of efflorescence.



Darker patches may be present on the surface of the block due to differential drying and will disappear over time. This is a result of the paver surface being cured at different rates and is no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of ReadyPave products.


CEMEX can not be held responsible for the phenomenon.


All ReadyPave products shown are manufactured to BS EN 1338:2003.

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