ONPOINT Coloured Pointing Mortar

Gun injected pointing mortar available in any colour.

A pointing mortar formulated for quick, clean gun injection and to support sustainable offsite construction.


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Formulated for Gun Injection

ONPOINT is designed for pointing mortar joints in brick inlay systems and brick slip panels on commercial buildings or high-rise residential areas, where manufacturing takes place offsite and is available natural or in a wide range of colours.


It is formulated for gun injection and is suitable when quick and clean jointing is required. CEMEX ONPOINT can also be used to repoint and restore existing brickwork.


Available in silos or 1 tonne and 25kg waterproof bags.


  • Precast panels for commercial development and housing on urban projects where space is of a premium.
  • Brick slip panels for modular buildings and high rise residential
  • Repointing existing structures that are being renovated
  • Repointing of historic and heritage buildings
  • Industrialised construction in major markets.



Coloured Pointing Mortar

Supporting sustainable construction

CEMEX ONPOINT is designed for offsite construction, which is considered a more sustainable method of construction compared to traditionally built projects. Offsite typically uses less energy because everything is made under strict factory conditions, allowing optimisation of the process and the most efficient use of materials.

ONPOINT complements offsite construction methods helping to minimise waste and efficiency of material needed through its quick clean method of pointing.

Renovation and Restoration

Renovation and Restoration

The wide range of colours also makes CEMEX ONPOINT the ideal mortar to support sustainable retrofit and restoration. We can accurately colour-match existing mortars for repointing and maintenance work.

Our existing buildings account for more than 35% of the world’s energy consumption, so solutions like CEMEX ONPOINT can significantly contribute to a more efficient built environment and a better future for all

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OnPoint Coloured Mortar For Architects

When your mortar colour has to be absolutely ONPOINT.


ONPOINT is the ideal accompaniment to urbanised solutions and offsite construction projects, designed for pointing brick inlay systems and brick slip panels to achieve a clean and durable finish. 
Mortar can make up to 20% of the final building on display. The choice of a high-quality coloured mortar that complements the brick aesthetics offers a balance between structural integrity and visual impact. 
ONPOINT is available in over 35 range of colours, including a bespoke colour-matching service-producing beautifully clean, high-quality mortar in any colour.
Our coloured mortars are consistently factored produced to guarantee you will always receive the same colour no matter how many batches are required. 
Features and benefits: 

  • Factory blended for guaranteed consistency 
  • Over 35 colours to complement masonry products or the existing mortar 
  • Does not fade – 100% synthetic iron oxide pigments 
  • Expert mortar support to help you specify the right mortar for your projects


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OnPoint Coloured Mortar For Precast

A point well made


ONPOINT pointing mortar complements your precast brick inlay system projects. It is specifically formulated for gun injection to enable a quick and clean pointing of joints; saving on labour, and reducing waste compared to traditional pointing methods.
ONPOINT is highly durable and provides high resistance levels in extreme conditions, giving you confidence in the quality of your completed systems. 
Our mortars are factory-blended providing consistency in their appearance and performance. We also have over 38 coloured mortars available to complement the brick aesthetics. 
Features and benefits 

  • Factory blended for guaranteed consistency 
  • Reduction of labour costs through quick gun injection compared to traditional pointing methods. 
  • Reduces wastage by gun injecting mortar cleanly, deep into the joint. 
  • Ease of mind over product performance. 
  • Each bag will yield of over 50 metres.


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Coloured Mortar

Mortar swatch - Coloured Mortar

CEMEX ONPOINT Pointing mortar is available in natural or a wide range of colours to complement the bricks and enhance the aesthetics of any architecture and urban project.

We have over 35 coloured mortars available or can work with you to colour match and find the perfect mortar for you.

All CEMEX mortars conform to British and European standards and are factory produced to ensure consistency and reliability.

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